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AU Dilemma.

Dapper Dan
I've asked myself this question a lot since I first forayed into fandom, and I've been asking it quite a bit these last few weeks.

What is the definition of Alternate Universe?Collapse )

In short, no matter how small or big the change, is a story still AU by definition, or is it all relative?

This is confusing. I'm probably just rambling nonsense, but I'm curious to know how you all classify it.

So what do you think?

holiday cards, pt. II

Dapper Dan
The first cards were sent out today. Those who left comments in the previous post, your cards are en route.

If you'd still like a card, there's still time! Leave a comment here with your name and address (screened for your privacy), or send along a Private Message and I'll get right to work on mailing your card. Please reply by Tuesday, December 13, 2011 so you can receive the card by the end of the holiday season. (I know those of you abroad may receive them after Christmas, so hopefully they'll at least get there by New Year's. Or at least some time in 2012...)

Again, I require nothing in return except the chance to spread joy this season. ;)


holiday cards.

Dapper Dan
You know you want one.

You know.

You know. :]

I've got my usual list of friends to send to -- and they can confirm their place on the list if they'd like to -- but if you'd like to receive a greeting card enclosed with a naughty picture from my wild Beanie Baby phase, please let me know, dears. You can fire off a private message with your name and address, post a screened comment below, or email me directly, if you want. It is, as they say, your party.

You're not obligated to send one in return, so don't let that stop you from requesting one. It's better to give than to receive, after all! And these cards are my gift to you to let you know how much you're appreciated, all of you. 'Tis the season to be jolly, y'all. (Wow, that sounded a lot like Paula Deen, didn't it? Craving butter now...)

Have at it, folks!


I came. I saw. I Pottermored.

Hunkermunker Gresham
Aaand they already took my cauldron away. Who needs a Sleeping Draught anyway?

So. I'm officially a Ravenclaw. Thank Merlin. Not that there's anything (much) wrong with Hufflepuff... ;)

All right, post those usernames, ladies and gents. Let's all be friends so I can duel you for house points! Or at least get my cauldron returned to me. My username is RookRain78. Have at it!


Dear Body and Mind...

Ianto Jones
You know I like you two. Really. Hey, we've had to deal with each other for the past 25 years, right? Compromising and whatnot. I know we've had our differences in the past, and I know you both have fluctuated on this subject for years on end. (Well, mostly you, Mind. Body's had its foot down since the start of adulthood.) But a decision has finally been made tonight. A permanent one.

So I'd like you to know now the only children I plan on having are fictional children. Lots and lots of them, living brilliant lives on page and screen.

At least we'd be able to handle those. Forget the real ones. As a matter of fact, the uterus? Why don't we toss that? I won't be needing that again. Ever. (No offense, ute. You're just not...necessary.)

So. Glad we've come to some sort of understanding, yes? I really do like you. But this gene [cess]pool is absolutely ridiculous. Take care, all right?

Yours, Mine, Ours (but mostly Mine),
Why, hello there. It's been a long (been a long, binna long, binnalong) time, dears.

So I'm finding it quite amusing that everyone's been posting their extensive summer reading lists. I've seen ambitious lists with books like A Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Great Gatsby, the Harry Potter books (seriously, I can't even finish OotP now, wtf), etc. They're doing some seriously deep, pensive reading, and that's great. You'd think someone like me would be right up there with them, greedily taking in every bestseller before fall hits.

But I'm not. Oh, no. Instead, I sit here paging through comic books and graphic novels. I'm scavenging the DC Wikia like a methhead seeking another hit, and another and another.

I'm such a child.

And it's absolutely glorious.

Jingle bells, Batman smells ... awesooome.Collapse )

Elsewhere in my life, things are going all right. Dad's retired and un-retired within 2 months of being here. No surprise there. (He was one of those THE WORLD IS ENDING MAY 21ST! BE PREPARED! psychos buying tons of water and food and even a weapon. He retired because he wasn't anticipating he'd actually be here. My mom and I still tease him about it and how he went completely off his nut. While he's less than amused, I say he deserves every bit of it for bugging us about this since 2007. Idiot.) My mother resigned from her terribly stressful bank job and is now looking to work for an old friend. Sister #3 is moving back in yet again. God. And here I thought fireworks were only supposed to go off on Independence Day.

Me, I'm still toying with Photoshop. Trying to draw a back, but it's going slow. No, you won't see my efforts because they're frightening. I'm not even sure I'm drawing a human being anymore, to be quite honest. Still not discouraging me from asking for a Wacom tablet this holiday season. (It couldn't hurt, right? Might actually make my squiggles look more like a person and less like a lightly-muscled flesh-wall. Sort of.)

Finally, I got my first official editing gig a month ago -- an actual book! Unfortunately, the subject matter is drier than camel turds in the middle of a Saharan drought. The author relayed to my sister (who volunteered my name for the job) that I was "tough", which is exactly what they needed. Wasn't that hard; my eyes bled all 42 pages. Now I've got 50 more to get through by next Sunday. Lord, give me patience, strength, chocolate and comics.

Well, that's all. Back to editing.

Pfft, screw that. I'll devour the Dynamic Duo instead. Much more productive, yes?

May. 19th, 2011

Ianto Jones
Haven't written much in a while. On the journal and on stories. Kind of wondering where I go from here, actually.

There are several plot bunnies yanking me in different directions, both for Potter and in original stories. I just don't know where to start. Or if I want to start, really, because I'm pretty sure it'll end up terrible or in shambles.

Yeah. That's where I'm at creatively at the moment. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it?

Strokes of St. Lucia.

Danye Westcliffe
Well! Back home now after spending six days in Saint Lucia. A very long six days. It was quite enjoyable, despite the somber nature of the trip. So here are a few highlights with pictures below. You can see the full-sized photos in my Scrapbook gallery. A link is provided at the bottom of this entry if you'd like to page through it. Bring plenty of bug repellent, though.

If I ever see a mosquito again, all hell will fear me.Collapse )


Thanks for that, record keepers and weird re-namers of St. Lucia. Elementary school could've been a lot simpler had you triple-checked and put the papers in Ziploc bags or something.


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Mar. 10th, 2011

Ticket's purchased, passport dusted off, and my Sẽt Lisi Survival list has been polished off. This time next week, we'll have already buried my grandmother. I imagine we'll be back at my uncle-in-law's helping him clean up the place. If we haven't already. Or we'll probably visit the shack hut box home my dad was raised in. Probably snag a hen to bring back as a pet.

Leavin' on a jet plane...or two.Collapse )

I expect I'll hear a lot of "LOL, YOU SILLY AMERICAN" comments over the next 10 days. Think I'll just bury my nose in The Fellowship of the Ring and pray they don't leave a set of sharpened knives within five feet of me.


Mar. 5th, 2011

Dapper Dan
My remaining grandmother passed away this morning. Incidentally, on my father's 60th birthday. (Spiting him even in death, I suppose.)

She'd suffered three strokes (one mild, one very serious, and one massive) since last December, and the final one had us counting the days until we got The Call. So this wasn't completely unexpected. Held on for much longer than we anticipated. After it occurred, we were basically told to get ready to fly out. That was well over a month ago.

My mother's doing fine. Somewhat saddened and relieved. I think she's just relieved because my grandmother doesn't have to suffer anymore, and she'd been suffering all these weeks. The part she's most dreading seems to be the deluge of phone calls and condolences.

But, we're actually preparing to leave. To go to St. Lucia. I haven't been since I was a toddler. Don't remember anything. I'm more concerned of being there than attending my first funeral. But all children grow up sometime. Except Peter Pan, but that guy's a weirdo.

It's going to be a long, long few days.


twisted cyster

Dapper Dan
So! Been doing a little pre-Spring cleaning these last few weeks. Moving furniture, throwing out fixtures that are...hell, that are older than me. All in all, the old place feels lighter.

But while I was sifting through old schoolwork and memories long repressed forgotten, I found something. A picture. Of the ovarian cyst that led to my partial oophorectomy (don't you love it when I whisper sweet medical nothings in your ear?) when I was eleven. After I completed surgery and recovery, my doctor gave me a wallet-sized copy. I suppose he either wanted me to have a keepsake or gross out my classmates. Naturally, I did the latter. I was such a terror.

Don't worry -- I won't post the actual photo. So those of you with nervous constitutions can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Unless, of course, someone wants to see what the violently pink, benign, freakish, grapefruit-sized, blood-spattered parasite looks like on picture day.

But who wants to see that, really?

I stared at it for a while. Wondered whether I should make it my new Facebook profile photo. Scare some annoying people away, perhaps. And then I realized I never actually named the nasty little freeloader. Well, I never found a name that stuck, to be honest. Rolled 'Silas' around my tongue for a little while. Silas the Cyst. I'm also considering Sascha or Sydney. Maybe I can write a story about him having an adventure in the great Australian Outback or something.

(Wow. You can really tell how bad the writer's block must be if I'm seriously ruminating over the name of a fourteen year old picture. Oh! Silas would've been quite the rebellious teenager had he lived in a jar on my desk!)

Bah. Time to get back to work and finish your stories, you weirdo.
Dapper Dan
Some of you might remember this post from last month, about my issue with handbags. Well, I've got another head-scratcher for you all.


I can't be arsed to wear or own any. Hell, my ears aren't even pierced. And, as usual, that makes me the Odd Girl Out in my family. Everyone wears jewelry, even if it's just a shiny wristwatch. I just ... don't care.

Apparently, that bothers some people. Not that their opinions matter, but again, I got curious.

Silly girl, Y U NO WEAR JEWELRY?Collapse )

So a question, my friends: do you wear jewelry regularly or solely on special occasions (excluding wedding, engagement and promise rings)? It doesn't have to be real jewels; it could simply be a ragged shoelace necklace with a plastic charm. Any kind of accessory that complements your ensemble wherever you go.

Discuss, and have a lovely weekend, all!

with both your hands.

Dapper Dan
It had been a little over a year and a half since I last encountered by best friend. We met in high school, attended the same university, and graduated together. (Well, he went to graduation; I slept in and made pancakes. He wasn't too thrilled about that; he wanted both of us to take the stage we were both owed by our Piss-On-All-Art-And-Writing-Students university. I just wanted my B.A. and pancakes, and not necessarily in that order.)

Now he's pursuing an MFA halfway across the country while I remain here, in our hometown. We keep in touch, through Facebook pokes and various other social networking messages, but it's not enough. We were drifting apart. So as he was in town for the holidays, we decided to meet today, to catch up. The way best friends do.

Hold a true friend with both your hands.Collapse )


excess baggage.

Dapper Dan
So this might be coming way out of left field, but I'm curious. And, dammit, my curiosity enjoys seeking answers.

I'm not what you would call a 'bag lady'.Collapse )

But this does make me little curious about the handbag habits of others.

So I scrounged up a little poll to gain a little insight. As always, if you'd like to share your opinion, feel free to comment. And if you want to post pictures of your darling bags, GO FOR IT.

Poll #1664716 Handbag Hoopla

How often do you use a handbag?

The hell is this?

Thanks for playing along, folks.

ETA one more item and a working poll. The handbag gods are most displeased with me.

Christmas Demented.

Dapper Dan
Season's Greetings, all! Hope your holidays are going well thus far. Down to the wire now. The new year is almost upon us! But not quite yet. I've still got a bone to pick with 2010. A few, actually.

Otherwise, I've been spending most of my time shepherding my cousin around town. We went to see Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D since Deathly Hallows ran its course. My sister tagged along. It was quite enjoyable, except for my sister complaining about the lack of speaking parts for Black actors. (Agh. Can we not right now?)

Anyway, Cousin and I have been in and out of the mall for the past four days. Three visits. I've been to the mall more times in the last week than I have in the last three years. Combined. Sad, I know. What am I doing with my life?

We've got plans to hit more outlets and shopping centers until she heads back to Canada next week. Fingers crossed her flight won't be canceled. (And how crazy is this weather? My dad's flight was canceled twice already! The nightmare isn't that the flights are grounded -- it's that HE'S STILL HERE! D:)

But that's enough of that. Let's discuss the chaos in my neck of the woods on Christmas day. Hmmm.

Warning you now: it's a whopper after the cut.Collapse )

And so was my Christmas.

That's what I'd done.

Year's almost over.

Hope the new one's not this fun.